Anyone can build a website. But to build one tailored to your business, utilising user research, and custom features such as calculation tools and membership areas, requires thought.

We respect and understand that each website is different. Websites have different objectives, different users and different values. We build your website around these instead of a website that just looks good.


WordPress Specialist


Our team are specialists in all things WordPress. WordPress powers millions of websites including brands such as Metro UK, UPS, TechCrunch, TED and Spotify.

The WordPress platform is so flexible that it can be tailored to manage virtually any website. WordPress manages to take care of typical CMS functionality very well, the management of pages, news, images, text and much more – it even powers this text you are reading right now!

Our WordPress developers can highly customise your website to meet your exact requirements.

Responsive Design

It’s important that your users have the same experience on your website whether they access via a smartphone, PC or tablet. That’s why we develop all our websites using a fluid design so the website responds optimally to the size of the screen.

We adopt a ‘mobile first’ design approach to ensure your website works seamlessly on all screen sizes. How users interact with your website on your laptop is far different to how they will on their mobile device therefore we take this in mind during the design phase.

We make our websites much more flexible and adaptable to various screen sizes using a fluid grid and CSS media queries. With there being what seems to be an endless variety of screen sizes, the use of a fluid grid and CSS media queries gives it the best chance of presenting your website as it should be on any device.

3rd party integrations can also be made for a more customised website.

User Experience (UX)

With users being a key part of your business, we need to make sure your website provides a simplified digital experience that result in an effortless journey throughout your website to key conversion points.

We will listen to your customers and stakeholders to identify objectives and key performance indicators by carrying our interviews, identifying personas, user flows, prototyping and usability testing.

We place a lot of emphasis on UX to ensure that visitors are never lost or confused and they leave with a positive experience browsing through your website.

It’s vitally important to design for your users as it will increase your conversions.

Content Management System (CMS)

There are 2 types of CMS – pre-built CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc.), or a custom CMS built for your website. Which one you need depends on your requirements.
Pre-built CMS will work for most websites with configuration and integrating plugins.

The amount of time configuring another CMS into working how you want it and to function at the level of performance required, would often give you a sub-par product and often takes longer than building it from scratch.

So if all you need is functionality that a pre-built CMS offers with some customisation to it, we can do that. If you need something more high-performing and customised features, we can do that also.

We can provide tailored CMS documentation guiding you through how to make changes.

Content Management Systems are designed to be intuitive so adding pages, posting blog pieces or simply changing a paragraph of text will be fairly straight forward.

Training & After Support

We don’t like the idea of handing over the product and that marking the end of our relationship. We take great pride in what we’ve delivered and want you to get the best out of it.

We maintain long-term partnerships with all of our clients post-launch to ensure each website remains fresh and performing at its maximum potential.

User behaviours change and your business objectives may change so we can detail out a programme and structured strategic reviews. Take a look at our Web Analytics section to see how we can help.

You may at a later stage want to add additional pages or make changes to current ones. The beauty of our websites are that we design them in a way that they are scalable allowing us the best chance of adding features as quick as possible without having to revisit the entire website.


Websites we develop for you need to be hosted somewhere. We like to offer clients an end-to-end service so once we’ve built your website; we can offer you the option of hosting it too on our secure UK-based servers.

Our cloud hosting service is optional so if you prefer to host on your website elsewhere, we’d be happy to assist the hand-over process is as smooth as possible.

If you do go with us for hosting, you’ll get:

  • high quality functionality and performance
  • high availability – no calls or emails from your users saying they can’t access your website
  • a hosting setup in our UK data centre
  • scalability – increase or decrease the number of servers you need according to traffic