Mobile apps allow you to extend beyond the internet, into your user’s mobile devices, ensuring that your users have an immersive experience with your business.


PhoneGap Specialist


Adobe PhoneGap is an open source framework that has built apps such as TripCase, HealthTap, Localeur and Sworkit.

Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, we are able to develop cross-platform apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

BY using a single code base, we able able to pass on cost and time savings to you, as oppose to developing separate code for each platform through a native approach.

Use of Mobile Apps

Unlike websites, mobiles apps are not a must for every business. It’s important to us that you get an application that will add value to your business and therefore we’d never build you a mobile app if we feel you could achieve the same objectives on a mobile-friendly website or web-based application.

The benefits of a mobile app compared to a mobile-friendly website or web-based application are:

  • Interactivity – apps can be built to interactive with all features that the phone offers such as the camera, GPS location, accelerometer and your contacts
  • Visibility – apps are fixed on the mobile device screen so are constantly on the user’s mind – even if it’s unconsciously. (Just need to make sure it’s a well-designed icon!)
  • Push Notifications – all the information you’d like to provide to your customers such as special offers & promotions, updates or just a gentle reminder is much easier with mobile apps. This is because it allows you to push out messages direct to the user’s phone through push notifications
  • Fewer Limitations – apps aren’t limited by browser and can be used without an internet connection
  • Seamless – apps function much more quickly and smoothly than on a browser. It enhances the user experience
  • Wider Reach – an app is another platform for your users to engage and you want have as many tools as possible for your users to engage through. Your app will also be on the iOS AppStore and Android Google Play so it can be seen as another marketing tool for your business.

Internal Business Apps

Mobile apps aren’t limited to your end users. They can be a great tool to improve productivity and help streamline internal processes.
Mobile apps can be used powerfully to keep internal employees informed, educated and productive so they can better respond to your customers.
Companies tend to focus on the hardware and distribute out iPads, iPhones or Galaxy Tabs. Hardware is only part of the solution; the real answer is the software.

We will make sure you have apps that address your field users and employee’s direct business needs. The app should solve real business problems. It shouldn’t make it harder than the existing process otherwise it will lead to poor adoption and fail.

Browser-based Mobile Apps

A browser based mobile app is a good cost effective option if there isn’t a need to use features of the mobile phone (camera, Bluetooth, location). This is good option if you don’t want users to have to download an app to their smartphones.

We understand that mobile apps require a lot of investment therefore will advise you the best platform for your application depending on your requirements.

User Experience (UX)

How a user interacts through a website is very different to how they will interact through a mobile app. That’s why we focus on User Experience and design the app accordingly.

UX is at the forefront of design decisions and development processes we have. For example, when we design for touch we account for fingers of all shapes and sizes applying varying kinds of pressure to touch screen that respond differently. Therefore elements that require touch will be large enough to avoid overlap with adjacent elements.

To ensure that your users are never confused or lost, we create mobile experiences that are not only intuitive to use, but deliver value to your customers.