Online retail is a science: understand your customer and their purchase behaviours, and then optimise your conversion funnel, to increase revenue. Let our experts guide you through this process.


Magento Specialist


Brands such as Nike, Mothercare, Paul Smith and Rosetta Stone use the world’s most popular e-commerce platform – Magento.

Whether you are looking to build a new site from scratch, or improve your existing site, we have the Magento development resources to help you. We take care of everything you can do with Magento, from installation and coding, through to modules and optimisation.


E-commerce websites must be very robust – able to manage high volumes of products, calculate stock levels, handle billing, accounting, and much more.

Each website will have a different set of requirements so it is essential to set goals. This can be to decrease shopping cart abandonment by 3 percent in 4 months or increase website traffic by 5 percent in 6 months.

Our team can go through the stages needed to develop a higher converting e-commerce website.

Mobile First Approach

It’s important that your users have the same experience on your website whether they access via a smartphone, PC or tablet. That’s why we develop all our websites using a fluid design so the website responds optimally to the size of the screen.

We adopt a ‘mobile first’ design approach to ensure your website works seamlessly on all screen sizes. How users interact with your website on your laptop is far different to how they will on their mobile device therefore we take this in mind during the design phase. Websites will experience a much higher conversion rate given that the design is customised for their particular device.

We make our websites much more flexible and adaptable to various screen sizes using a fluid grid and CSS media queries. With there being what seems to be endless variety of screen sizes, the use of a fluid grid and CSS media queries gives it the best chance of presenting your website as it should be on any device.

User Experience (UX)

With users being a key part of your business, we need to make sure your e-commerce website provides a simplified buying experience that result in an effortless journey throughout your website to key conversion points.

We will listen to your customers and stakeholders to identify objectives and key performance indicators y carrying our interviews, identifying personas, user flows, prototyping and usability testing.

We will review analytics data to understand the user’s journey and understand their behaviour on the website. It’s important for us to understand what works well and what needs improving.

Once the UX process is complete the UI team will take over to work on the interface designer layer.

Management & Integrations

We want you to have total control of your e-commerce website and will build to your exact requirements. Bespoke features can be developed to fit in with your business goals such as:

  • Product and stock management
  • Multilingual and multicurrency management
  • Discounts & promotional management
  • Extensive order and customer reporting
  • Advanced user permissions
  • Related products and up-sells
  • SEO control

We also undertake bespoke integrations from multiple 3rd party providers such as Sage Pay, Royal Mail, DPD, dotMailer, PCA Predict (Postcode Anywhere) and Google Product Listings Ads.

Training & After Support

We don’t like the idea the concept of handing over the product and that marking the end of our relationship. We take great pride in what we’ve delivered and want you to get the best out of it.

We maintain long-term partnerships with all of our clients post-launch to ensure each website remains fresh and performing at its maximum potential.

User behaviours change and your business objectives may change so we will detail out a programme and structured strategic reviews.

You may at a later stage want to add additional features or make changes to current ones. The beauty of our websites are that we design them in a way that they are scalable allowing us the best chance of adding features as quick as possible without having to revisit the entire website.