One of the key reasons for project failure is a poor project process. Therefore we’ve used our wealth of experience along with customer feedback and translated it into a standard internal, repeatable process that every team member follows.  It is flexible depending on the project and client requirements.

This project practice has been fundamental in Lax Consulting delivering outstanding results to customer’s expectations.



initial consultation

  • Visit your office for a face-to-face meeting
  • Establish and understand your business goals by asking you a bunch of questions
  • Address the problems we are solving and discuss ideas on how to best solve these problems
  • Learn about you. Challenge your ideas, provide our input
  • You decide if we’re a good match for you and if we can meet your expectations.



requirements gathering

  • Outline requirements based on business goals. If you’re unsure about your requirements – no problem. We will help fill any gaps and make it a workable solution
  • Conduct interviews, surveys and workshops if needed to help get to the root of the issue and find as much detail as possible helping us build the best product
  • Provide you with a tailored Project Requirement Document once we’ve finished our research. This document is important for both parties as we know exactly what to do and you know exactly what to expect, so no surprises for anyone!
  • Once we agree to go ahead with the project, we’ll form a Functional Specification Document which will detail each and every part of the digital product being developed.




  • The dedicated design team will go through the Specification documents to understand each part of the product and how it will work
  • Personas will be identified, user flows will be mapped out, wireframes will be drawn, and mock ups will be made
  • Visuals aesthetic will be considered for the digital product through colours, typography and spacing to strengthen the identity of your company
  • We’ll justify each part of the designs we have made to ensure that they meet your objectives and tailored for your users to enhance their experience.




  • We will break the project down into clear milestones to write a well-structured code
  • Show you work as we progress to keep you fully involved in the project and give you confidence that you will get what you need
  • Make solution scalable so if you require adding or changing requirements either during or after the project completion, we will be able to do so.




  • Carry out a complete set of formal testing, validation task and test purchases (for e-commerce products)
  • Cross platform and device testing to ensure deliverable works as expected on platform such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Android and iOS devices
  • Ensure the deliverable has met all specified requirements and project objectives.




  • Once you’ve signed off on the system, we will move the solution from our dedicated servers to yours
  • We can migrate data from your old product to your new product seamlessly if needed
  • We will train you and your staff (if needed) on the solution enabling you to manage the deliverable independently
  • We will provide helpful documentation such as user manuals as reference if you do require support.




  • Our partnership doesn’t end once we’ve made the deliverable. We can continue to provide service and website maintenance long after the project is completed
  • We can make changes for you on your digital platform whether that is your content and graphic changes on your website or adding and amending products on your online shop with a agreed maintenance retainer
  • A formal agreement can be made where we can use Web Analytics to provide monthly analytics reports and recommendations to further improve your website’s conversions
  • As we know your product inside out, we’d be able to help and advise on continued growth in your company.